Adult Basketball Leagues

3v3 League

  • Games played on Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday Evenings
  • Games begin the week of Sept. 28th and end the week of Oct. 26th
  • End of season tournament Oct. 29th

Adult League

Coming March 2022

Bluegrass Sportsplex Basketball Terms and Conditions and League Rules

3v3 Rules


  • A team may carry up to 6 players maximum.
  • A max of 3 can be on the floor at a time.
  • No roster changes are permitted after the team's first played game.
  • Completed and signed roster must be on file prior to the first game.
  • Players minimum age is 18 years old and must be 30 or over to play in the "Men's Adult 30 & Over" League.
  • Teams must supply their own uniform

In Adult divisions, players must be 18 years or older. Bluegrass Sportsplex reserves the right to deny permission to play for certain players.


All players must be registered with their team. It is each team's responsibility to ensure that all their players are properly registered. Players can only be registered with one team in their respective league unless otherwise approved by the Bluegrass Sportsplex staff. In order for registration to be complete, the team manager must have a valid credit card on file.

Game Duration & Start Time

Bluegrass Sportsplex Adult League games consists of two (2) halves of 16:00 each with one 3-minute halftime for a total of 35 minutes. The clock will run continuously until the last minute of each half and overtime period. Overtime period will be a three-minute period. In case of serious injuries the game may be canceled. The referee has the authority to stop or add time to the clock. Unless the clock fails, the clock time will always be the official time.

The official will flip a coin with captains before game to take possession of the ball at the beginning of the game.

The clock will only stop in the first 15 minutes for timeouts or injuries.
The clock will stop for the following during the final minute of both halves.

  • Fouls
  • Violations
  • Out of bounds
  • Jump ball
  • Timeouts
  • Injuries

Teams will get one timeout per half and timeouts cannot be used during overtime.

Point System and Standings

  • Win: 3 Points
  • Loss: 0 Points
  • Forfeit: will be recorded as a 0-3 loss

Standings will be kept as a total of wins, losses and ties. The team with the most points at the end of the session is declared the division winner. We will also have an end of season tournament, seedings will be based upon Win - Loss record

Game Play


All players must wear matching color shirts at all times.

If a color conflict exists, the home team will change. Please make sure every player on your team brings an alternate color shirt. Bluegrass Sportsplex will not provide pinnies

Wear proper basketball shoes to play in.


The game clock shall only stop if a serious injury occurs.

If the referee stops the game because of an injury, the injured player must be replaced.


The referee is not required to stop the clock to substitute a player who is bleeding when injured.

The wound must be cleaned and adequately covered before the player can return. The wounded player must check in with the referee before returning to play.

Foul Language

If a player uses foul language in any context, the entire team will be given a warning by the referee. If any player from the offending team uses foul language a second time, that player will be told to substitute out. If any player from the offending team uses foul language a third time that player will be ejected from the game.


They may only be made after a whistle has blown for some type of stoppage of play and with the acknowledgement of the referee.


During the first 15 minute of each half...No foul shots will be taken

Personal fouls committed during the act of shooting...

  • On a two point attempt, if the shot goes in, it is an automatic 3 point play for the shooter and the scored upon team gets possession at the black line (check).
  • On a three point attempt, if the shot goes in, it is an automatic 4-point play for the shooter and the scored upon team gets possession at the black line (check).
  • If the shot does not go in, one point is awarded to the shooter and the shooting team gets to retain possession of the ball (check at the black line).
  • Flagrant fouls are penalized by an automatic two (2) points, retained possession of the ball, and disqualification of the offended player.
  • Technical fouls and Intentional fouls result in an automatic two (2) points and retained possession of the ball.

During the final minute of each half with the clock stopping...

  • Shooting fouls are dealt with in the normal manner, and...
  • Common fouls result in a bonus situation:
    • *One-and-one on the team's 7th, 8th, and 9th fouls during each half.
    • *Two free throws beginning with the 10th team foul during each half.
  • Player control fouls are dealt with in the normal manner throughout the entire game (change of possession).
  • Players will be removed from games on their 5th foul committed or for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Check Back Ruling

‚ÄčTeams must take a ball back past the "check line" after each change of possession. Starting in the Fall of 2010, the check line shall be past an imaginary line running across the top of the 3-point line, from sideline to sideline. The officials should explain which line will be used before each game. Officials may give a team one warning each game before enforcing this rule.

  • To start each half, after a foul has been awarded, or after any stoppage of play, the ball must be checked by a defensive player, after which the ball is alive and may be passed, shot, or dribbled.
  • After a score, on defensive rebounds, or after steals, the ball must be returned passed the check line and the player in possession of the ball may maintain control and attempt to score.
  • If a team (Team A) fails to cross the check line with at least one foot in any of the situations above, the official should attempt to verbally communicate to the players that the ball was not taken back past the check line. If a shot is taken and made by team A before the ball was taken back past the check-line, the officials should blow the whistle and stop play immediately. The basket would be disallowed, and team A retains possession of the ball (check at the black line). If team A retains possession of the ball after a shot, the officials should verbally communicate to that team that they still need to take the ball back past the check-line.

We will supply refs for this league. There may be times when refs are unavailable so teams will have to play with the honor system.

Terms and Conditions

Our objective is to provide our customers with an enjoyable, competitive sport within a safe environment that is administered and regulated with efficiency and competence. A $150 deposit is due at sign up. League fees are due, in full, by the first scheduled league game. Failure to pay in full will result in the remaining balance being charged to the credit card on file. If payment is not complete, the team will forfeit the remaining games until balance is paid in full. A credit card must be on file under team captain for registration to be complete. Please note that email is the primary form of communication and required for every player and coach.


All players are required to sign the Roster/Waiver form. Bluegrass Sportsplex will not be responsible for damage, loss, or theft of equipment or clothing belonging to any applicant or their guests. Bluegrass Sportsplex reserves the right to require police or security staff at any event at the expense of the applicant. No player may enter the field without a completed signed waiver. Rosters are due by the first scheduled league game.


All participants agree to indemnify and hold harmless Bluegrass Sportsplex from all claims and actions arising as a result of the use of the facility. Bluegrass Sportsplex management and staff are not responsible for any loss, damage, injury, or death due to the use of the facility. All participants shall pay for all damages to the property of Bluegrass Sportsplex equipment arising from the use of the facility where the applicant is deemed responsible. Guests of participants are the responsibility of the participant. All participants attending shall ensure all regulations contained in this are observed.

Participant Conduct

Fighting will not be tolerated. Any participant (player, coach, parent, etc.) engaged in a fight will, at the discretion of the referee, be ejected from the game and restricted from play by a duration determined by management. Fighting may also cause your team to be ejected from the league without notice or refund at the discretion of Bluegrass Sportsplex. Any player threatening or assaulting an employee or game official will be ejected from the league and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Teams which are continually engaging in fighting or disruptive behaviors hindering others and the spirit of the game may be ejected from the league without notice or refund at the discretion of Bluegrass Sportsplex.

Vandalism, littering, abusive language and smoking shall be deemed as just cause to cancel participation. Smoking is prohibited in the facility. Litter must be placed in proper trash cans. No spitting. No gum. Any spectators or coaches deliberately kicking or throwing balls at lights will be asked to leave.




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