Adult Soccer Leagues

Team captains will be the only ones that need to register their team with the below link. Then they will send the link to their team to each individual player. Those players will need to go register an account with bondsports. That link is found on the rentals page.

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Bluegrass Sportsplex Soccer Terms and Conditions and League Rules

Indoor League Play


Number of Players

  • U12 6v6+Goalie
  • U14-U18 (JV/Varsity) 5v5+Goalie
  • Men's 5v5+Goalie
  • Men's 30+ 5v5+Goalie
  • Coed 5v5+Goalie (2 Females on field)
  • Coed 30+ 5v5+Goalie (2 Females on field)
  • A team may carry up to 13 players.
  • No roster changes are permitted after the team's first played game.
  • No guest players allowed. If you don’t have the minimum amount of players to play your game you must forfeit.
  • Any roster changes that must be made after the first game must be approved by Bluegrass Sportsplex. The only times this would be allowed would be for replacing a player who has moved during the season or replacing a player who has been injured and cannot complete the season.
  • Guest players are permitted when your team is short players, however, it is only to allow your team to get touches and play their game. You will still forfeit the final result The opposing team must be made aware you are using guest players and the score will be marked as a forfeit and recorded as 3-0.
  • Completed and signed roster must be on file prior to the first game.

In Adult divisions, players must be 18 years or older. Bluegrass Sportsplex reserves the right to deny permission to play for certain players.

The minimum requirement of players for any games to commence is 4 field players including 1 goalkeeper. The opposing team is not required to play shorthanded. Anything less than the minimum number of players will be considered a forfeit.

A maximum of 2 non-playing coaches or managers (specified on registration form) are permitted on the players' side of the field and must stay inside the bench area.


All players must be registered with their team. It is each team's responsibility to ensure that all their players are properly registered. Players can only be registered with one team in their respective league unless otherwise approved by the Bluegrass Sportsplex staff. In order for registration to be complete, the team manager must have a valid credit card on file.

Game Duration & Start Time

Bluegrass Sportsplex Adult League games consists of two (2) halves of 22:00 each with one minute halftime for a total of 45 minutes. The clock will run continuously. In case of serious injuries the game may be canceled. The referee has the authority to stop or add time to the clock. Unless the clock fails, the clock time will always be the official time.

Youth Indoor League (U12-Varsity) play two 20 minute halves, with two minute halftime.

Play will extend only to permit the taking of a penalty kick or to deter unsportsmanlike behavior, per referee suggestion.

Teams should be ready to play when the previous game is completed. Warm-up time is not guaranteed. There will be a 10-minute grace period prior to forfeiture of games. This time will be deducted from the game clock. Our goal is to keep all games as close to the schedule as possible.

Point System and Standings

  • Win: 3 Points
  • Draw: 1 Point
  • Loss: 0 Points
  • Forfeit: will be recorded as a 0-3 loss

Standings will be kept as a total of wins, losses and ties. The team with the most points at the end of the session is declared the division winner.

Ties between two teams in record will be broken by:

  • head to head result
  • goal difference in league play


The minimum allowable number of players to start a game in 6v6 is 4. The opposing team is not required to play shorthanded.

If a team fails to field the minimum allowable number of players within the first 10 minutes of the first half it will be considered a forfeit (0-3) and the opposition will be awarded full win points(3) for the game as well as a 3 goal differential.

The opposing team can receive a forfeit win only if sufficient numbers of players to play the game are present from their team.

Bluegrass Sportsplex will try to notify the teams if their opponent does not intend to play; however, this is not always possible depending on the notice (if any) given to Bluegrass Sportsplex by the forfeiting team.

Any team that forfeits twice in the season will be subject to exclusion from further competition.

Based on space and demand for the fields, there will be no reschedules. Bluegrass Sportsplex will make every effort possible to accommodate schedule requests before the league begins. Once the schedules are final we will not take reschedule requests.

Game Play


All on-field players must wear matching color shirts at all times.

If a color conflict exists, the home team will change. **Please make sure every player on your team brings an alternate color shirt. Bluegrass Sportsplex will not provide pinnies

Only flat soled shoes, turf shoes, and outdoor (non-metal) rubber cleats permitted.

Non-acceptable items: Excessively dirty shoes, metal cleats, jeans, boots, and sandals.


The game clock shall only stop if a serious injury occurs.

If the referee stops the game because of an injury, the injured player must be replaced.


The referee is not required to stop the clock to substitute a player who is bleeding when injured.

The wound must be cleaned and adequately covered before the player can return. The wounded player must check in with the referee before returning to play.

Foul Language

If a player uses foul language in any context, the entire team will be given a warning by the referee. If any player from the offending team uses foul language a second time, that player will be given a yellow card. If any player from the offending team uses foul language a third time that player will be issued a red card and ejected from the game.

Adult Coed League

Coed play consists of at least 2 females on the field, with a goalkeeper of either gender. A female goalie does not constitute as one of the female field players

A minimum of 2 females must be present for the team to play. Males will not be permitted to play for missing females.

A team is allowed to play down one female but cannot replace missing female with a male player. The team playing down one female will need to play with 1 goalie, 1 female field player, 3 male field players.

  • 8 goal limit (Adult League Only)
    • Game will be called if a team is leading by 8 (teams can continue to play out the game if they choose)
    • When it comes to tournament placement, if there is a tie based on goals scored, and goals against is also a tie, a coin flip will be used to determine ranking
  • Overtime (Adult League Only)
    • If regular game ends in a tie play 5 minute golden goal
    • If still tied have field players on field at end of OT take penalty shots (female, male, female, male, male)
    • If still tied start that order over


A goal cannot be scored directly from a kickoff (indirect). Kickoffs do not have to be played forward.

Free Kicks

During the taking of a free kick, defending players must be 5 yards (fifteen feet) from the ball in all directions.

Players have 5 seconds to place the dead ball back into play. Infractions will result in delay-of-game penalty and the ball is awarded to the other team.

All free kicks are direct except kick-offs.

The player taking a free kick may not touch the ball again without it touching another player on either team. Infraction will result in a free kick for the defending team from the spot where the original kick was taken.

All kick in restarts must be about 3 feet from the wall.

If the ball hits the ceiling or net it is restarted with a kick by the non-offending team directly under where the infraction occurred.

For COED, females must put dead balls back into play when on offensive end.

Three Lines Penalty

A player cannot kick the ball over all three lines (red lines & center) without the ball touching another player, the field, the referee or the walls. This violation results in a free kick to the opposing team from the center of the first red line.

Penalty Kicks

Any foul committed within the goal arc will result in a penalty kick to be taken from the penalty spot.

All players aside from the goalie and kicker must stand behind the kicker until after the ball is kicked.

The kicker shall not play the ball a second time until it has been touched by another player.


The goalkeeper is not permitted to touch the ball again with his hands after he has released it from his possession and before it touches an opposing player. Infractions will result in a direct free kick for the opposing team from the top of the arc.

Goalkeepers cannot use their hands if the ball is played back intentionally from outside the red line from their own teammate. If the goalkeeper should use hands in this situation, it would then result in a free kick for the opposing team at the top of the arc.

After receiving the ball in the arc, the goalkeeper may not go outside the penalty arc and bring the ball back into the penalty arc and gain possession with hands. This infraction will result in a free kick at the top of the arc.

Goalkeepers have 6 seconds to release the ball. Infractions will result in a direct free kick from the top of the arc.


Substitutions are made on the fly at any time. Play does not stop for substitutions.

Goalkeepers may be substituted at any stoppage in play.

To substitute during play, the player leaving must be within 3 feet of the bench door before the new player can enter the field of play.

Play will be delayed to allow for substitutions for the following occasion:

  • After a goal has been scored
  • After a time penalty has been assessed
  • For an injured player
  • Sliding

No slide tackling opponents in possesion of the ball in any league. A player that slide tackles may be subject to a yellow or red card at the discretion of the referee.

A player can slide when no opposing players are within sliding distance and the intent is not to tackle an opposing player. (i.e. scoring a goal, saving a goal, etc)

The goalkeeper may slide to make a save within the goal arc.


There is no off-sides.

Penalties & Ejections

Fighting will not be tolerated on or off the field. Any person ejected for fighting could be banned from the league or facility based on severity.

Continuous dissent and badgering of game officials will be grounds for ejection.

Abusive language and taunting will not be tolerated and may be cause for ejection

All players ejected are suspended for a minimum of 1 week of play at Bluegrass Sportsplex. This includes all teams the individual may play on.

If a player, coach, or spectator refuses to leave the field and/or facility as deemed necessary by the ref and/or the Bluegrass Sportsplex staff, the game will be recorded as a 0-3 loss for the team that refuses to leave the field and/or facility.

Spectators are subject to the same above rules.


Any player(s) receiving a yellow card must leave the field and his team plays a man down for 2 minutes or until a goal is scored by either team.

If a player receives a second yellow card, they must leave the field and their team must play down a person for the entire 5 minutes (Even if a goal is scored). The player receiving the 5 minute penalty must leave the field and may not return for the remainder of the game.

Red Cards

Any player(s) receiving a straight red card receives an automatic suspension from the current game and will be suspended from the following game.

The final length of suspension is at the final discretion of management.

The offending team must play one player down for 5 minutes.

A player that receives 2 red cards in one session will not play the remainder of that session and could be banned from the facility.

Coaches are subject to yellow and red cards.

Terms and Conditions

Our objective is to provide our customers with an enjoyable, competitive sport within a safe environment that is administered and regulated with efficiency and competence. A $150 deposit is due at sign up. League fees are due, in full, by the first scheduled league game. Failure to pay in full will result in the remaining balance being charged to the credit card on file. If payment is not complete, the team will forfeit the remaining games until balance is paid in full. A credit card must be on file under team captain for registration to be complete. Please note that email is the primary form of communication and required for every player and coach.


All players are required to sign the Roster/Waiver form. Bluegrass Sportsplex will not be responsible for damage, loss, or theft of equipment or clothing belonging to any applicant or their guests. Bluegrass Sportsplex reserves the right to require police or security staff at any event at the expense of the applicant. No player may enter the field without a completed signed waiver. Rosters are due by the first scheduled league game.


All participants agree to indemnify and hold harmless Bluegrass Sportsplex from all claims and actions arising as a result of the use of the facility. Bluegrass Sportsplex management and staff are not responsible for any loss, damage, injury, or death due to the use of the facility. All participants shall pay for all damages to the property of Bluegrass Sportsplex equipment arising from the use of the facility where the applicant is deemed responsible. Guests of participants are the responsibility of the participant. All participants attending shall ensure all regulations contained in this are observed.

Participant Conduct

Fighting will not be tolerated. Any participant (player, coach, parent, etc.) engaged in a fight will, at the discretion of the referee, be ejected from the game and restricted from play by a duration determined by management. Fighting may also cause your team to be ejected from the league without notice or refund at the discretion of Bluegrass Sportsplex. Any player threatening or assaulting an employee or game official will be ejected from the league and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Teams which are continually engaging in fighting or disruptive behaviors hindering others and the spirit of the game may be ejected from the league without notice or refund at the discretion of Bluegrass Sportsplex.

Vandalism, littering, abusive language and smoking shall be deemed as just cause to cancel participation. Smoking is prohibited in the facility. Litter must be placed in proper trash cans. No spitting. No gum. Any spectators or coaches deliberately kicking or throwing balls at lights will be asked to leave.




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