Youth Basketball Academy

Bluegrass Sportsplex has a goal to create an environment for all ages to learn the game, develop, and enjoy playing basketball! No matter the age group, we want your athletes touching the ball as much as possible during their trainings and games. All practices will be led by trainers/coaches that will follow a developed curriculum by our head trainer of the program. Two age groups will be offered - Kindergarten/1st Grade and 2nd/3rd Grade. Weekly trainings will be focused on the athlete developing individual skills at the appropriate age level.

Please select the training time below that works for your child's schedule. This training time will be when your child practices each week. The practice group will form the team your child plays with each weekend on game day.

A welcome letter and game schedule will be sent to your email. Game schedules will also be added to this page once finalized. We will have an 8 game season with games being played on a mix of Saturday and Sundays. Sunday games will not begin before noon and game times will not overlap with soccer academy for the same age groups. Season opens week of January 11th with games opening weekend of January 16th.

Bluegrass Sportsplex Basketball Academy Rules

Head coaches will be provided. (If you have basketball experience and would like to volunteer please reach out to

Inappropriate behavior from players and spectators will not be tolerated. Referees are volunteering their time and there will be a zero-tolerance policy with regards to arguing calls.

K/1 coaches will referee their own games. That responsibility should be split into halves. There will be times when coaches will need to be on the floor anyway and this will give you easy access to the players so that you can coach them up while on the court. Make sure you are giving them plenty of "grace" as many of these players are playing for the first time. 2/3 grade games will have independent refs but these are not "trained" referees and they have been instructed to be very lenient calling walks, double-dribbles, etc at the beginning of the season but may take a more strict approach as the season progresses. We will NOT shoot FT's in any league. We will treat all fouls as a dead ball and take the ball out of bounds. Players cannot foul-out during any game, however coaches are strongly encouraged to monitor players who chronically foul and do your best to keep the fouling from disrupting the flow of the game. You may even have to remove the player from the game for some period of time so that he/she sees some consequence and will hopefully improve.

There will be four, 8-minute quarters running on a continuous clock. The clock will NEVER stop during K/1 and 2/3 games. In 2/3 grade games, if a team is up by 15 or more points at the end of any quarter, we will reset the score. All coaches are strongly encouraged to pull-back in the event of a blow-out. As an example, one easy way of doing this is telling your team they must make at least 5 passes before shooting.

K/1 will play with 7 foot goal. 2/3 will play with 8 foot goal.

There will not be time-outs in any league.

There will be no full-court defense allowed in any league. Defenders may pick up their man at half-court and must stay on their man. No double-teaming is allowed. However, a player may "help" in the event that their teammate has been beaten off the dribble, but they must immediately return to their man once a "recovery" has taken place. On-the-ball stealing will not be allowed in K/1 or 2/3 grades, however players can steal passes and/or block shots. The goal here is to teach sound defense. Wrist bands WILL be used in K/1 so that players can better identify who they are guarding. K/1 players should be matched up before each quarter based on estimated skill level. Wrist bands will be available for 2/3 grades games should coaches feel it is necessary but we encourage that at some point they are not used so that players learn to communicate and identify their man without the bands. This will be left up to the coaches in each game.

In terms of playing time, we will have an EQUAL PLAY policy in all leagues. We understand that some teams will be short-manned and some players will have to play most of the game. This will be left to the coaches to monitor.

Timekeepers will be provided in all games. Score will ONLY be kept in 2/3. Game balls that will be used in all leagues will be 28.5. First team on the schedule is Home.

Gameday Info: Please have your teams lined up in the hallway that enters between the 2 full courts, and next to the sound booth, no later than 10 minutes before game time. We will announce each player's name and they will run through the SV Basketball frame and out onto the court where their team will be playing. The announcer will identify this court and coaches will need to help direct their teams as they are being announced. Once the team rosters are announced, we ask that coaches have their teams meet at midcourt of the court where they are playing and open with prayer. Give a player an opportunity to say the prayer. There will be concessions available on every gameday. Good Luck and have a great season!



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