Youth Basketball Leagues



Boys Teams must be made up of players from same school (4th and 5th grade teams can combine with other elementary schools as long as they feed into the same middle school.

  • Games will begin week of January 11th
  • 8 Game Season with end of season tournament
  • Games played on Monday or Tuesday, nights
  • Players can play up an age group, just not down
  • 3rd graders allowed to play in 4th grade league
  • Cost per team $500 - covers ref fees and no gate fee will be charged throughout season

Bluegrass Sportsplex Basketball League Rules

Youth Basketball Rules of the Game:

  • High School Rules apply
  • Game and Overtime will start with jump ball. After that, alternate possession will apply.
  • Each half will be 18 minutes. Running clock. Clock stops during last 90 seconds of the first and second half for fouls, out of bounds, and free throws. Clock will stop for timeouts.
  • Halftime is 3 minutes.
  • Overtime is 3 minutes. Running clock. Clock only stops during last minute of overtime for reasons stated above.
  • Basket set at 10' for all games with the exception for 4th grade girls, which basket will be set at 9'.
  • 4th/5th Grade Girls/Boys and 6th Grade Girls will use High School Girls Size ball (28.5" in diameter). 6th Grade Boys will use High School Boys Size ball (29.5" in diameter).
  • There are 3-point baskets
  • All teams are required to play man-to-man defense during the first half. Zone defenses are permitted during the second half. Full-court pressing, zone, or man will be permitted throughout the entire game.
  • 5th/6th Grade Boys/Girls will shoot free throws from regulation distance. 4th Grade Boys/Girls will shoot free throws from one foot inward of regulation distance.
  • Each team will have 1 full timeout (1 minute) in first half and 1 full and 1 30 second timeout in the second half.
  • If a player or coach receives a technical foul for unsportsmanlike behavior, the referee will award 2 points and the ball to the opposing team.

Youth Basketball League Standards:

TEAM STRUCTURE: Players on the team must be from the same school or their combined schools (4th/5th Grade League) must all feed into the same middle school program. Completed Rosters must be submitted before first game. Changes to the roster after the first game may only be done with prior approval by league manager and for extreme reasons such as injury.

LEAGUE DIVISIONS: Separate divisions for each of the following - 6th Grade Boys, 5th Grade Boys, 4th Grade Boys, 6th Grade Girls, 5th Grade Girls, 4th Grade Girls. Coed Teams are allowed to play in the Boys Division of the appropriate grade level. Players are allowed to play up an age division with permission from parent/guardian.

TEAM ENTRY FEE: Team fee is $500 ($530 with tax). $150 is due as a deposit at time of registration with balance due before first game. No gate will be charged for watching the games. Team fee covers ref fees.

GAME STRUCTURE: Each game will consist of 18 minute halves, running clock, only stopping during last 90 seconds of each half for fouls, out-of-bounds, dead balls, and free-throws. The clock will stop at timeouts (1 full timeout during first half, 1 full and 1 30 second timeout during second half).

GAME TIME: Each team will provide to the official scorer's table its numeric roster, along with the starters for the game. Teams will be asked to provide a clock keeper and someone to track fouls. Only one person needed for each position.

SPORTSMANSHIP: All players, coaches, referees, fans and others are required to show good sportsmanship at all times. This includes before, during, and after any event. Those in violation will be asked to leave. Coaches and Players ejected from the game must sit out the next game. Anyone who is ejected from a game must meet with League Manager before being allowed to return.

UNIFORMS: Each team is required to provide their own uniform. Be prepared with two different colors if possible. Each uniform must have its own unique number.

SCHEDULING: Schedules will be released at least two weeks prior to the season opener.

REFEREES: Referees will be provided by the league.

PRACTICE TIMES: There will be a two week period (December 7th-18th) during which Bluegrass Sportsplex will provide free half-court space for your teams to run 1 hour practices. These times will be provided based on court availability. Once the season has started half courts will be available for rent at a discounted rate of $10/hour. You will need to contact Bluegrass Sportsplex directly to schedule. (270) 982-7529.

Facility Guidelines:

Bluegrass Sportsplex has been built as a family oriented sports complex. No FIGHTING, ABUSIVE LANGUAGE, or any misconduct deemed to be detrimental to the family will be tolerated. Bluegrass reserves the right to immediately escort all patrons violating these rules from the facility.

Proper attire is required by all who enter the premises, both players and spectators. (Shoes / shirts, etc.)

Intoxicated persons will not be allowed to participate in any activity (i.e. game or practice) and may be escorted from the facility. This applies to both players and spectators.

NO FOOD, BEVERAGES or PETS may be brought onto the premises.

No DRINKING or LOITERING in the parking lot.

Players and spectators are responsible for any damages caused to Bluegrass property. Management intends to enforce all violations to the fullest extent of the law.



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